Moon Bar

I entered the moon bar
Except for my crystal
I asked for a glass of moon dust
And watched as
It circled every organ
Of my moon body
I became moon-baby child
Moon dreams
Captured in the spirit of a glass
Catapulted up into the spindly air
Turning round and round
Somersaulting oxygen
Free of earthly
The moon child dreams
Of anything and nothing
Feels the spirit
Of air, water
Energy in motion

Gold Bar

Where do you come from
My shadow?
You haunt me
Yet I come from Earth
And you of other planetary dimensions
Give me Atlantean golden balls
Gold beacons, hallows
A mystical essence
Smells and vibrations of
Atlantean eras
Do you tell me to capture
Past skills and memories
From the sunken city
And build once more
The buried tomb?
Do you tell me
To remember, enlighten
Others to past ways?
I miss your essence here
Now, always
I wish to build the city in the sky
With solar fountains
Golden mountains
Moon rock, dust of emerald
Clear visions
Mystical happenings

A place
High in the mountains
Of higher consciousness
This you give to me
A world of gold
Is called upon
I summon you up to me
To give time and space
For the new world
To begin
In truth, love, peace and joy
I wish to build
The city of gold

Solar Bar

I enter the solar bar
In a banal, cool kind of way
Wanting sun, not rain
Air and wind
Have called me here
To hot sun
Where I will be drenched
In a yellow aura
Plugged in
So I may spark again
Like a newly fitted light
And glow with new
Seeds of growth
I know how my laptop
Felt now
After being plugged in
New life, energy
Time now to work
At saving the planet

Venus love-Bar

I enter venus
Whole heartedly
Yet in trepidation
I feel the pulse of her
Consuming body
Expanding, contracting
A capsule of heart-love
I drink blood-red fire
Into my lungs
From a test-tube of smoke
I pulsate with the rhythm
Of her beat
We enter another dimension
Floating on fire-red jelly fish
Swimming through funnels
Of love
I disappear forever
In her heart beat
And never return again