I missed you in the undergrowth
Of forest dew and light
I missed you in the darkness of
A new-moon night
I retreated into sadness
Of blackness and badness
In urban corrupted visions
Looking at screens in unseen prisons

Seeing your face in microscopic crystals
A magical mirror
Of a face – I don’t really see
Or face

It turned itself off
The screen of untruth
Cos I made you into
A robot
And me an automatic machine
We never really met
In this vacuum of
Misheard words and symbols
A place of wires and radiation
Stretching across the nation

I took your hand
Felt skin of molecules and water
Time standing still
Yet becoming shorter
Wanting to return to our pack
Away from all this lack
Of air, breath, fire, earth and water
The nest, warmth of fur

I was animal
Furry and wild
Needing the pack
My jowls and claws back
Yet I had become simply
The ant that drew up crystals
From the Earth
Making magic weave its way
Across the planet’s plane