I haven’t been in the sunshine for 100 years
I lost the picture of your face
I couldn’t face the one I loved the most
Because my face was shrouded in a shawl of white mist
And snow
I said to her the long lost warrior of the night
I never told you to stay here
One day or two
It makes no difference to me
I am a soldier now
Tell me to break this peaceful silence
With my gun
And I will
You see,
A soldier’s life is never done with
There is always another one to kill
Or maim in some way
I haven’t see the sunshine in 39 years
At least
It comes out to play
But I am not permitted such luxury
When a soldier’s work is never done
Always another bone to crack
Or arm to pull in half
Or shatter the illusions of another
Who thinks himself invincible
No, with an iron tongue
I master the art of lack of forgiveness
I cannot forgive you for existing
Because my job is to kill
That is what soldiers are designed to do
And I will take my gun and massacre a whole audience
The ones who never spoke of forgiveness to me
Who never gave out an arm or hand to offer morsels
Of food and sustenance to one who was barely alive
On a sun drenched or rain drenched street
That was called her home
No-one came to give a hand to one who could not jump
The queue for bread or money
No-one ever came to the one who had a pencil in her mouth
Constantly trying to write something of meaning
On a dirty pavement where footsteps trod
Just waiting to be trampled on yet once more
I believe you saw me there but shuddered
At such a sight
Of one so tiny of build and one who could see
With piercing eyes and ears
Just who you really were
Not I
I have come back from the grave right now
To try to chew it all up
To chew up the past right now,
Chew it up and spit it out
You never cared and never will
But from now on I will care enough for
Myself to live again
To be a solid warrior of the
Not a soldier on the bloody battle fields
But one who plays with fire
Just to please God up high
Just to save humanity with
A golden sword
Called truth
And with this sword
I will anoint you with the ring
Of truth
Not blood or vermin
But soaked in light
It will illuminate your soul
So truly you will remember exactly who
You are
Who I am and
Who we all really are
On this beautiful planet
Called LOVE