And She Crawled Out of the Desert Jungle and Tried to See the Light

And she crawled out of the desert jungle and tried to see the light
There was non through the bushy tail she hung low
Only the ants and spiders could see who she was
Not them
Always smouldering inside a tight cocoon of waste water
She would hide herself
Til the cows came home
Nothing left of her now
Just emptiness and forgiveness
That was part of a long distance healing quest
But that was gone now in the undergrowth of
New beginnings
She would crawl to bed now and stay there
Til they pulled down the shutters
On her army of make believe soldiers
Cos to be a slave to this world
Was more than she could take
Her eyes bulged with sadness and grief
For another world
The one that had fathers and sons wasting
Til their skins were saggy and their
Pyjamas stunk of urine
Maybe another era
She could not tell
She was all alone in the desert
Parched from too much heat
Left alone to die with
She wondered if the green shoots really
Lived or simply died
Under hot sun
There was no room to manoeuvre round here
Just plantations of forests
Which she hoped would let her out
But which drenched her
In their undergrowth
Large tall trees
That shuddered in the wind
Tall magnificent forests
That engulfed her and
Kept her safe
Nothing left now
But spring time blooming
It was one of the same things
Just wondering in isolation
Through thick bushes
That hid the truth
Not her
She wished to tell the truth
Make it seem like she knew it all
When really she knew little
But the trees knew it all
And she was one with the trees
That was all
Just something that reminded her of
I can’t believe it
She declared cos
I was one day in love
The next I wanted to kill
And everyone
I had to mind what I did or said
Because each time it got worse
I don’t suppose they cared
That much
Cos they had not heard her anyway
The larks in the sky knew more
But she was drunk on life’s juices
Honey, nectar and sweet wine
And she was away with life
Wanting it all
Until she just wanted them
All dead again
That was it…