Dear Sam, Freddie, Angela, Clive, Myra, Sooty, Sweep and Sweet….

I just wanted to say that – but I know you don’t like reading much – it’s just I had to say a few words…because I don’t know what’s happening with us – at the moment – because I feel that…I feel somehow that…and well, you know what I’m trying to say, don’t you? You do, don’t you? I mean, it’s simply that-
Oh, well, I haven’t quite got the words…I mean it’s just, well, it’s just something I’m feeling at the moment – but I’m not quite sure what it is – DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?


The Box

I like my painted box
In red lipstick
With love written in big letters
It tells of a time
When time stood still
And we loved and kissed
Till the stars came up
In the painted sky

And she was a kitten
And he a big bear
And they played and fought
Till magick box
Was full of more surprises
Than either had
Ever believed

But that was a journey
Through time and space
That had no beginning
And only one end
They stood on top of
A mountain crevice
And viewed themselves
For the very first time
It was silent and magick
Waves in her hair
Caught on his brow
And told of a different
Story now

For their love had eloped
Run up the hills
And told them
It would never
Be back again

Except in another fragile Time
When elves and pixies
Roam the Earth
And the silver and gold
Thread has been broken
Then magick box secrets
Shall all be revealed…

I feel somehow that…and, well, you know what I’m trying to say, don’t you? It’s just something I’m feeling at the moment – but I’m not quite sure what it is…


Claws and Jaws

When she clasped
His thick and golden claw
She knew he would grasp
At her breast with a pin
Then all at once
It would burst in the dew
And never would
Their hearts be open again…

I don’t know what’s happening with us – at the moment – because I feel that…it’s simply that – I haven’t quite got the words.


The Storyteller’s Dream

Caught in a trap
A lair of lies
From one to the other
The one who was spied
Looked up from a lamp-post
Spotted the creak
That told of a distant storyteller.

The gypsy, the elf
The candlestick maker
And then the surprises came
Back on themselves
Cast a spell
From one to the other
And then she could boldly go
To one who was saved
And one who once drowned
To the bottomless pit
Of turf and disease

But that was another story-time
And now they must go
To where magick resides
To the place of their wise and open hearts

It’s just something I’m feeling at the moment.


The Storytellers Magic Heart

She was wise and alert
To secrets untold
Of death and destruction
Famine and disease
She wanted so much
To frame misery and mirth
Make a picture of Clarity
To shine up the Earth
Clones would be gone soon
The dull and unseen
She took her tool box
And made magick dreams come true
So each little person
Was big and strong
And the heart of the soul
Sprung up like a stream
For within the essence
Of a soul’s big dream
Was a heart full of love
And a ray of gold

And this she would bring
To the Earth’s core and crust
For it ailed now with torture
Yet the people wished to shine

So her tool box was full now
With all that would serve
And the people came running
Like starlings and swallows
And she would perform acts
Of great transformation
And souls like slithers of silver
Would grow…

I just wanted to say, wanted to say that – I had to say a few words – but I’m not quite sure what it is.


In Essence

This wasn’t you
Or me, them or us
It wasn’t God
Yet silently – it was

For in this life
We wish to find
A place of love, warmth
Comfort and joy
And in our searching
We sometimes find
A sparkle of that
Special place…

I held it in my
Golden hand
Right up at a fiery reddened sky
For this was a pearl, a jewel
And I never wished
You to fly away
From me

Yet you are transient
As light as a feather
And with you
Comes malice and lustfulness

Since here on Earth
We distorted your touch
Into something sinister
Untold and unclean
Yet you are as pure as a rock
Washed in a salty sea
And as high as a bird
Resting in a big tree

You see
We cannot know
What you really are
Until we open up our hearts
And feel your energy near

For you are LOVE
And without your invisible presence
We are merely wandering mortals
On a deathly plane

It’s just something I’m feeling at the moment. Do you know what I mean? Do you?


Dear Sam, Sooty, Sweep, Sweet, Cinderella, Snow White, Wicked Witch of the West, North and East, Seven little Dwarfs, King Kong and Frankinstein…

You are simply
A picture
Of all that exists
No matter how hard
Black or white
You simply are

And this I love
For it is the truth
And love
Contains the essence
Of all of who we really are…

I just wanted to say that, it’s just something I’m feeling at the moment – You do know what I mean, don’t you?

Adieu, the end – but never forget who you really are…

(Conversations with God, Neil Walsh, Book 1)