She went to death and back
That day
Only to find the lump
Had gone
Thrown into the abyss
Just found its way out
Held in the hands of
Vanished into
The withering cosmos
The one that holds
God’s truth
And extinguishes
In the light

She did not know where
To go
Not there
Just morbid fascination
With an old lump
When she had her soul’s
Wisdom to follow
Marking the way
Along life’s footpath
To the never ending story
Her journey into bliss
Damned by many
Yet thwarted by her sword
Of light
She rode the great
White stallion
Across the morbid
Landscapes of
Despair, pessimism,
Lack of forgiveness
Here she found salvation
Ring into a furnace
Future bliss
Melted in a golden pot
For her
Not money
But health
Inner joy
And there she stood
Under a ray of
Cosmic light
Listening to bird song
Throughout the night
Knowing it was not an eclipse
But sunlight in her heart
That brought the bird song
Into her crescent moon
She told the story
To pixies and fairies
She rode the great white
Leading the way
Telling her truths
Of the woodland folk
And letting all pass by
Into a fast embrace
Of peace for
What had been
For what is to come…
Into the glistening woodland
Fairy light…