I am walking through
The valley of death
I see and fear no evil
Though it lurks in every
Leaf, tree and thought

Where is my mother
When I wish to suck milk?
Where is my father
When I wish for a fight?

There is no taming the
Wild spirit
Of fire
She has come to

I am her playmate
Her emblem
She, the place that calls
So often
She persists
Tells me
Her secrets

I surrender to
Her will
Dwell inside her belly
‘Till all has been burnt

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I honour you

Bury myself
Till I am mere dust
Surrendering to your
Of death and

I leave the
Earth plane
There is no tomorrow
I take you with
We leave
In hooded veils

Till death do us part
We are doomed
To be life’s partners

May this fate
Take a hand
My foolish one
Be gone
Where fools rush in
There is much
To be